Can Netherlands Gambling Self-Exclusion With CRUKS Be Effective in Tackling Addiction?

Can Netherlands Gambling Self-Exclusion With CRUKS Be Effective in Tackling Addiction?

Have you ever felt like your addictions are getting the better of you? Chances are that this would ring true for most people reading this, and that doesn’t just have to do with narcotics either. It might surprise you to hear this, but gambling addiction is a very real threat not just to the individuals suffering from it but also to the progress of society as a whole. Now, that’s not to say that gamblers themselves are a threat to society. Quite on the contrary, many gambling addicts would like nothing more than to get over their addictive tendencies, but they often struggle to figure out how they can do so.

Self exclusion is something that can truly aid individuals in regaining control when gambling is starting to consume their every waking thought. Any casinos zonder cruks are getting cracked down on so hard that their hopes for future survival are minimal at best, and self registration tends to be a core part of that at the end of the day.

Just to clarify, CRUKS staat voor Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen. Dit systeem is ontwikkeld door de Nederlandse Kansspelautoriteit en heeft als doel om verslaving en gokproblemen te voorkomen. Spelers kunnen zich vrijwillig laten registreren in het CRUKS systeem en zo voorkomen dat zij nog deel kunnen nemen aan kansspelen in Nederland.


Many experts have conducted studies that aim to discover the true benefits of self exclusion, and this research has conclusively proven that it is a worthy project that needs even more funding than it gets right now. You will be shocked at just how many addicts don’t even enjoy their favorite activities anymore because of the fact that they just don’t get the same pleasure out of it as they used to when it was still a new hobby.

This makes it all the more essential that they be provided resources that can push their lives in the right direction once and for all. Entire families might require support, and we must all remain vigilant so that we can help CRUKS do its job.

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